Behind the Scenes: The Aniversary

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The beautiful Schofield Sabrina buys for Lazarus.

Good morning, afternoon or evening, depending on your current situation choose the according option. Today I bring you the Behind the Scenes of another story of mine, this time with a simpler illustration but just as accurate as the previous ones. When I had to think about what to draw, the first thing that came to mind was the gun that Sabrina buys for her husband, which has a key role in the tale.

The Anniversary is one of those oldest stories of Red Sheets, since I wrote it when I was seventeen. Although, I have to admit that I didn’t like its first draft; in fact, I hated it. I remember that it had a sickly sweet and cheesy name, “Untill Death do us Join” (this may be a proper translation of the original spanish name “Hasta que la Muerte nos vuelva a unir”).

Of course, this title refered to the famous marriage phrase “Untill Death do us Part”. The story was much more romantic and the scene with the death of the characters seemed out of an afternoon soap opera. The horror!

However, what I always liked about the story was Sabrina’s unhealthy distrust, which leads her to shoot at her husband’s desk. The shoes peeking underneath the desk, which she confuses by the shoes of her Lazarus’ alleged lover, was the trigger that led me to write the whole tale. And that’s why I wanted to include it in Red Sheets.

To remake it was very interesting for me, because I wanted to keep many elements of the original story even though I did not like it so much. To me, it was a challenge: modify the tale in such way that it could be included in Red Sheets. And I can totally say: challenge completed! The ending was more tragic and much more in tune with the setting of Red Sheets; and of course that makes Dui GF very happy.

I have no idea why I referred to myself in the third person, but I enjoy reading it so I’m going to leave it that way. See you next week!

Duilio Giordano Faillaci

High Fantasy and Crime Fiction Writer. I love writing. I love Warcraft games. I love pasta.

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